Asli, 10 years, Turkey

Where are your friends from here in Zuoz?
My friends here in Zuoz are from Switzerland, France, Brazil and Turkey.
What do you particularly like about the Summer Camp?
I love the sports like river rafting, dodgeball, indoor pool, football and dancing.
What have you learned so far in the Summer Camp?
I have learned to be regular, be on time and how to make new friends.
What else would you like to learn in the Summer Camp? What kind of activities would you be interested in?
I would like to learn how to cook. Also there should be gymnastics as an activity because I am a big fan of it.
Could you tell us a funny episode from your stay in Zuoz?
One of the funny episodes was with Alex who is really humorous. He always did something laughable and fell down when we were doing something in the forest.