The Frankenstein Project

What is a monster? Who is a monster?

Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein or the Modern Prometheus tells the story of Victor Frankenstein, an eccentric scientist who succeeds in creating life. He is, however, shocked and disgusted by the result and rejects and deserts his monstrous creation. The rejected Creature begins its life as an outcast. Slowly it starts to feel, to learn and eventually he starts to comprehend what has happened to him. Furious about his fate, he seeks revenge and starts to track down Frankenstein, his creator, his “father”.

Creature                            You ran away, Frankenstein! – Why did you abandon me?

Frankenstein                   I was terrified – what had I done?

Creature                            Built a man and given him life.

The starting point of this production will be Shelley’s novel, our own ideas, thoughts, fears and visions as well as the stage adaptation of Frankenstein by Nick Dear, which premiered 2011 in London under the direction of Dany Boyle, best known for his film Slumdog Millionaire.