Nothing but Swathings?

Das Theaterstück "Nothing but Swatings?" wurde von Clara, Adriane, David und dem English Theatre Company Artistic Director Ivo geschrieben.

"These... People, I have never been able to understand them completely, they do all sorts of seemingly irrational things in the Name of even more irrational causes, love, anger, hate, all sorts of reasons which I want to get to the bottom of. And you, my apprentice shall help me peel away the layers to reveal what it is that makes each one tick."

What drives us? What makes us tick and is there a core to reveal, a true nature or are we just like an onion, nothing but layers?

In this daring originally created play, the members of the English Theatre Company set out to a quest, to search for answers about our own selves and how we behave the way we do.