General Information

At the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz we accept young people who are willing and able to meet the academic demands of the school and to identify with its philosophy. In order to meet its educational and pastoral obligations the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz must be in possession of all the necessary information - character, school records, family situation – relevant to the personal, academic and physical development of the student. It is vital that the person(s) responsible for the child's education are in complete agreement with our educational principles and support us in our efforts. 

Admission is possible into school grades 7 to 11. In exceptional cases an admission into grade 12 can be considered.

Dates for admission

The best time to enter the school is at the beginning of a school year at the end of August. Admission during the school year is not advisable, but is possible in certain circumstances.

A place in the boarding house can only be guaranteed if registration is completed well in advance (at least six months before the desired date of admission).