Art education at the Lyceum Alpinum is an integral part of the curriculum, both in the Matura Section and in the Department of International Studies. Comparable to subjects such as Music, Art is aimed at promoting students’ emotional and creative development. There is a clear focus on encouraging the individual talents of the students. Building a solid basis of techniques and skills is essential for carrying out creative work, be it inspired by imagination and passion, a love of experimentation or observing nature. Not least, an important task of art education is to develop a critical approach towards the possibilities of modern media and an intense engagement with the visual arts and contemporary artistic production.

IB Visual Arts

The IB Visual Arts course is exciting, analytical and exploratory. It consists of two parts: research in the form of an A4 journal and finished studio pieces to be exhibited. Through self-directed research the students extend their knowledge and understanding of art and artists to further the development of their own studio pieces which are refined and modified to produce personally relevant and exciting art. The assessment criteria provide a means of evaluating the work. The freedom and flexibility of the course is thoroughly enjoyed by the students.