LGT Workshop

LGT Project Management Workshop

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LGT Bank gives IB 1 students practical support for their CAS projects

Project Management, philanthropy and fund-raising are the topics of the one-day seminar for IB1 students about to start their CAS programme. The aim is to familiarize the young people with the basics of these topics and to support them in the decision-making process leading to their CAS activities. Our partner, LGT Bank, will be organizing the event.

LGT staff from the departments of Business Management and Philanthropy will, on the one hand, provide students with practical advice on how to optimize the running of projects while also giving them insights into the general importance and purpose of philanthropy. In addition, students will be supported in the selection, planning and implementation of their individual projects.

LGT Award

Together with the students, representatives of LGT will evaluate the interests and preferences of the participants: important factors in the choice of a suitable project. Presentations on basic knowledge are completed by workshops where students are active themselves and put into practice what they have learned. LGT will award a prize to the best project of the seminar.