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Welcome from the Headmaster

On 1 March, I took up office as Head of School at the Lyceum Alpinum. My wife, Caroline Birchler Wittmer, and I were given the warmest of welcomes by the school community and we are looking forward to our future life and work in Zuoz!

The Lyceum Alpinum stands on solid foundations and possesses huge potential with its combination of Swiss and international education and its regional and worldwide network. The residential community of a boarding school is also a powerful response to a hectic world in which it is becoming increasingly difficult to distinguish what is real from what is virtual and to draw on one’s own personal experience. To live and study in such beautiful surroundings is a huge opportunity. Here it is possible to set up a “House of Learning” in which academic demands and the spirit of inquiry are just as important as experiencing the natural world and sport and developing a creative and aesthetic sensibility. A house in which students learn to understand the world and the changes it is undergoing and at the same time to discover their own potential for innovation by anchoring themselves not only in their studies but also within a living community and thus acquire confidence in their abilities.

Today a school must be able to provide a convincing answer to the challenges of the future, to the rapid pace of digital change and the global interconnections of work, information and research, while at the same time creating a stable basis for the personal development of individual children and young people. A school is only as good as the way in which the members of its community relate to one another and perceive teaching and learning as a collaborative and living process In my view education is especially successful when we confront young people with clear expectations and at the same time give them the space to discover their own uniqueness, when one encourages them to address the challenges of the world with vision and foresight and in doing so to assume responsibility.

It is a marvellous task to position the Lyceum Alpinum as a school with high academic demands and a culture of openness and diligence and to connect it with the Engadine and the world at large.

I am really looking forward to it!

Dr Christoph Wittmer

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