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100th Ice Hockey Varsity Match Oxford vs. Cambridge

In March 2018 the Engadine Valley in Switzerland will once again be writing ice hockey history. It was in St. Moritz in 1885 that the first ice hockey game in Europe took place. On the frozen lake of St. Moritz the two teams from the English universities of Oxford and Cambridge faced each other. In March 2018, 133 years and 99 Matches later, the 100th Varsity Match will be played, again in St. Moritz and on the initiative of the Lyceum Alpinum.
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Saturday, 24 March 2018, 20:00, open-air ice rink Ludains in St. Moritz, free entrance.
The gala dinner is already sold out.
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Spectators can expect a historical event of global proportions. The encounter between these teams is the oldest rivalry on the ice, and the ice hockey communities of the two elite universities give the event its international flair. Students and alumni from all over the world are expected to be in attendance. With this match, we want to celebrate the close ties England has with winter sports in the Engadine, but also with the Lyceum Alpinum. Since the foundation of the Lyceum Alpinum in 1904 the two universities have had an important role to play in Zuoz ice hockey. Still today the Cambridge team regularly comes to Zuoz in January for their training camp. The Lyceum Alpinum is very happy to take this unique opportunity to bring the Varsity Match between Oxford and Cambridge from Britain to the Engadine, true to the motto: “back to the roots”.

Information on the teams: Oxford University and Cambridge University.

Click here to watch the CBC documentary about the oldest rivalry on ice.

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