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Golf Camp & Summer Camp – Above-Par Fun

The training for the children is tailored to their performance level, and the young golfers can even get private coaching if needed. Golf camps (or golf lessons) for children and teenagers are especially popular in July or August. What is so special about our Summer Camps? Our Summer Camps offer kids of all ages, just the right combination of fun, games, sports and language. In addition to golf, we offer foreign languages and a wide range of weekend activities. What are kids saying about the camp? We met with some Junior Day Camp participants (Ivan, Beatrice and Nicky) for lunch and asked them about their experience.

Beatrice & Nicky


How did you even find out about our camps?

Beatrice: "I went to Junior Day Camp last year." 

Ivan: "Beatrice told me about it. We both knew each other before."

Nicky: "A friend of mine came here last year. She's coming back in a week, and we're doing the sports programme together. I'm staying here for four weeks."

So, what was or is special about this camp for you guys?

Beatrice: "The weekend was by far the best. Rafting, the high ropes course and a visit to Stazersee."

Ivan: "And golf was great! We always played at different places on the golf course. There was something new every day, and we all really improved."

How was a normal day at camp? Describe it for me!

Ivan: "Around 7:30 am we woke up and had breakfast. Afterwards, we had language courses for about 3 hours. I come from Ticino, and I actually speak Italian. Therefore, I chose German as a language course. But you can choose English, too. Then we had lunch and a one-hour break. During this time, we could get ready for the afternoon classes or spend some time with our friends. Afterwards, I played golf until 4:30 pm. Then we had one hour of free time and one hour "Study Hour", where we could review what we had learned from the language lessons or something from that school year, and our teacher was there to help as well. Afterwards, we had dinner and did some evening activities. My favourite courses were "Digital Skills" and Capoeira. At the end of the day, I usually told my family about the day and then went to bed."

And what did a typical golf afternoon look like?

Beatrice: "We started off by hitting a few balls at the driving range. Then we all went to the golf course together. There we played golf, learned new techniques and improved our handicap."

How much experience did you have in golf before camp?

Ivan: "I have been playing for a year. In the beginning, I played once a month. But in the last two months, I have even taken five three-hour lessons at a golf club. Other golfers were there in the lesson, as well."

Beatrice: "I have just started."

And what do you think? Did your skills improve during the camp?

Beatrice: "Yes, absolutely."

Ivan: "Yes, I refreshed some skills and learned new ones."

What are your golfing goals? Will you continue?

Everyone: "Yes, we will definitely continue - and want to get better."

How would you describe our camp to a friend back home?

Nicky: "I would say that the first days can be a little bit scary because you don't know anybody. And I thought it would be hard to make friends in the beginning, but it wasn't like that at all. You get to know people very quickly. Especially in sports. At the golf course, we all got along really well."

A camp like this is a place where you can make new friends. What was that like?

Ivan: "Oh yes, we made lots of new friends. From Italy, Switzerland and England."

Beatrice: "My roommate is from French-speaking Switzerland."

Golf - Tough Training or Just Fun and Games?

The instruction at the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz depends on the golf level of each participant. Each golfer receives level-appropriate coaching. This approach is necessary to prevent the feeling of being overwhelmed and maintain the fun of the game. A bit of personalised troubleshooting is needed for some kids, as well.

For absolute beginners, we start with how to hold the club (the grip) and how to place yourself correctly in front of the ball (the stance). Then we work on the swing and understand what fundamental factors make a good swing. Next, they are educated about the clubs in their golf bags (woods, irons and putter) and when to use them.

Before playing on the course, the participants practice on the driving range or the chipping green. In this way, the students become familiar with the different clubs. Target practice is part of the training, as well. To spice it up, they can get a prize for accuracy, like chocolate or golf balls. Anything to make it more fun.

On the golf course itself, there are a variety of training sessions every day: how to pitch out of a bunker; how to play around a water hazard; and how to line up a put. The more advanced students already have these skills, so the most important thing for them is to get on the course and play. Anybody who knows anything about golf, hobby golfer or PGA pro, will tell you: golf needs a lot of practice.

What is the proper swing posture? Which club do you use for which distance? How do you factor wind into your shots? How do you adjust your stance to the ball to manipulate ball flight? How do you read the green? How do you take a few strokes off your game? The golf coach gives individual feedback to such questions and a detailed consultation on the state of their swing.

On the last day, there is always a big final tournament game where everyone can demonstrate the improvement of their golf skills. These tournaments near the campus are always great fun for everyone in the camp.

For that extra dose of adventure and nature, there is always a final highlight every year at the camps: the Weekend Rafting Adventure. Water is a hazard in golf, but here, water is what all the fun is about.

What did you like most about rafting?

All: "The waves, the team, the speed, the adrenaline, the freezing cold water and going under. Everything about the trip was unforgettable! It was a great way to learn lots of new things."

A nice spot to end the interview. Thank you very much for your time and have fun at our Summer Camp!

Is your child interested in unforgettable, instructive, fun and athletic holiday camps? Do you have questions about costs, school accommodation or our school in general? Would you like to find out how our school helps students get into a great university, college or academy?

Then please contact Tiziana Tuena. Of course, we provide detailed information about our Golf Camp, registration, how to get there or the available weeks you can book. You can find our prices and dates online at https://www.lyceum-alpinum.ch/en/holiday-camp/summer-camp/


Are all your questions answered? Then tee up! Our Golf Camp will make your summer a hole-in-one.

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