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«Schweizer Jugend forscht» Award

Zuoz student Anna Sidonia’s matura research paper was reviewed and rated as “excellent” by the Swiss Youth in Science foundation and it earned her a nomination for the special award "Swiss Junior Water Prize". Congratulations, Anna Sidonia!

The pollution of marine and limnic waters through micro plastic waste has increased considerably in the past few years. An estimated amount of 86 million tons of plastics can be found in the world’s seas and oceans and every year this figure is growing by around 10 million tons. Micro plastic pollution found in Swiss surface waters remains largely unexplored and has not been sufficiently investigated yet. The Engadine valley, in particular, has not seen any scientific studies at all to this day. Anna Sidonia focused her research on exploring the state of pollution of the surface waters in the Upper Engadine determining where which types of plastics can be found and in which concentration. For the sampling Anna Sidonia built her own version of a LADI Trawls (Low-Tech Aquatic Debris Instrument) which can be easily disassembled and transported. Anna Sidonia analysed 60 representative fragments with the help of FTIR-spectroscopy. Of these fragments, 51 could be categorised into 22 different types of plastic. Plastic residue were found in all measuring locations.

Explanatory video on the matura research paper

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