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Lyceum Alpinum Spotlight: Pilot or College Grad - International University Fair in Switzerland

Personalised Guidance Counselling for Future University Students

Firefighter, police officer or pop star - these used to be the answers to the straightforward question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” But the older you get, the more difficult it becomes to answer this question because you are developing and discovering your strengths, interests and talents. Meanwhile, some very important questions arise and demand answers: What career path is right for you? Which university should you attend? Which of the courses suits you? And which steps do you have to take to reach your goal? Unfortunately, we are not cars equipped with navigation systems that navigate us to our destination. That’s why Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz offers students orientation in the educational jungle through a variety of opportunities. These include visits by university representatives, university fairs, campus visits to universities (abroad), an individualised educational programme and, perhaps most importantly, a dedicated college counsellor, who helps each student to get the best out of their education and find their ideal university.

Off to the Study Fair: Over 50 Institutions at Zuoz

A few weeks ago, an impressive fair was underway at the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz. The exhibitors and representatives from about 50 universities (in Canada, France, England, the USA etc.) were invited into the large auditorium of the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz to introduce themselves and their institutions and get to know the prospective undergraduates and postgraduates.

University Fair-athon in Switzerland

While usually only cities such as London, Paris and Zurich belong to the small list of locations hosting international university fairs, in 2019 for the third time, a fair with an international line-up was held in Zuoz. And once again, the event was successful for all participants.

Excellent Information for University Prospects at the 2019 Swiss Education Fair

Representatives from various institutions certainly had their work cut out for them. They first answered the questions of the interested students and then enthusiastically recognised the high calibre of the future graduates at the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz. The questions and the ensuing discussions were very compelling. This interaction, according to some representatives, is emblematic of global students with well-developed integrated thinking skills and is precisely what they need for the highly sought-after spots at the best universities.

What degree opportunities are on offer? Which careers and professions are possible? These are the details explained at these fairs. However, not everyone wants to choose the most prominent and most well-known institutions. Sometimes smaller universities have very specialised expertise and professors who are luminaries in the desired courses of study. It is, therefore, crucial to provide networking opportunities to enable the selection of the best individual degree programme. The university fair offers the ideal opportunity for finding out about all the different possibilities. But this is not the only benefit of such a fair.

Application 2.0: Making Contacts at a Convention

The very fact that the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz from a lesser-known corner of Switzerland is the organiser of such a high-profile event makes the name of the school memorable to the representatives of the universities. Moreover, with such interested and informed young people, it paints an even better picture. Often the exhibitors also sit on the admission committees, so it is an advantage to get to know them in advance before applying to study. These global contacts also serve to promote interaction and networking. Once you are part of an extensive network, you will never want to miss out on such advantages again.

Student Profiling: What Universities are Looking for in a Student

What does the ideal university applicant look like? What is the perfect application? What do you need to be accepted at the best possible university for you? The fact is, there is no getting around digitalisation anymore. Core competencies in various languages, computer science and mathematics are required. But much more important nowadays is emotional intelligence. Curiosity, perseverance and self-management are at the top of the list of essential skills for a successful career. In a world in which computers are finding application in every conceivable subsector of the economy, it is essential not only to be able to acquire vast amounts of knowledge and retrieve it later on but also to be able to use your knowledge in a meaningful way: critical thinking, reflection, problem solving - these are the skills that future graduates and postgraduates are expected to have.

Science and technology are advancing rapidly. Innovative solutions are replacing the antiquated processes of yesterday. New approaches and methods abound in every substratum of every sector. In medicine, economics, and even in the social sector. -  The one constant is the importance of following our passions.

Individual Counselling and Personal Coaching for Future Graduate and Postgraduate Students

The first hurdle for many prospective college students on the way to the right university is the decision for a degree programme. Which profession will be relevant in the future? Which field suits your personality? Does the degree programme offer many options? Which university is best suited for the chosen degree programme? Even those who already know their goal, still are far from getting there. On the way to getting a spot as a student, there are still some admission criteria to be fulfilled. And every country, university and technical institute has its own requirements. These range from tests and various application forms to letters of recommendation from teachers. Sounds quite complicated, right? The Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz is therefore particularly proud of its internal college counsellor, Heather Thompson Cavalli, who has been working at the school for nine years with exceptional passion and success. The demands of the universities and the sheer number of potential courses and universities for studying make Heather's work at the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz indispensable and invaluable.

What to Study? The Right Path at the Right Time

As an academic advisor, Heather’s services are not only available for graduating students. Her work begins much earlier. Even in the lower grades, talents and strengths are discovered, and discussions begin on how one can further immerse in a field through the right constellation of subjects and extracurricular projects. A Morrisby test, moreover, helps clarify the personal abilities of each individual, which aids in the decision-making process. Once an area of study has been found that ideally suits a student, the next step is to choose the right university. Contacts are made and various faculties are visited on campus during study trips, such as to MIT, Stanford or Silicon Valley, with its sought-after elite institutions (for more information, click here). Finally, the application process for the degree programme begins. Heather helps students to collect the letters of recommendation from the teachers, prepare for entrance tests and take care of the organisational matters like applications and forms to register for studying abroad. Through her ever-increasing network, many doors open up to the students of the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz and her international experience guides them (and their parents) safely through the administrative maze towards the right post-high school education. Heather herself loves her job, as she is an essential and formative companion to the children and does her utmost to ensure a smooth transition.

Where to Study? Study Fair Part 2

A second highlight event on the university fair calendar, which was no less impressive and informative then the first one, was the fair on 13 November 2019. This time it was not attended by international luminaries, but by the “Who's Who” of Swiss secondary education, such as colleges, technical institutes, trade schools, the Office for Professional Education, etc. Once again, the auditorium of the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz was transformed into a place of public discourse and networking for students and parents. This positive development is representative of a trend that the Lyceum Alpinum is playing a decisive role in: shaping the creation and promotion of a culture of profitable education networking and public exchange, even at the local level. All visitors of the fair were thrilled.

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