School Shop

The School Shop stocks everything students need for their studies: pens, pencils, exercise books, ring binders, study materials and textbooks. The wide range of products available is extended twice a year with new stock.

The purchased products are included in the students's invoice.


Students and teachers can order books for their courses or private use and these are delivered within a short space of time. This means that students who enter later in the school year can always obtain the materials they need.

IT products

Particularly popular with students is the IT products catalogue. Orders can be placed with our suppliers for printers, loud speakers, USB flash disks, printer cartridges, etc. with delivery in a matter of a few days.


The Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz sportswear collection embraces Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Unihockey, Ice Hockey, Fives and Cricket.

Our parents are informed during the summer holidays about the prices and collections and in the first two weeks of each school year, students obtain the necessary information on the ordering process.