Health Centre

The Lyceum Alpinum is equipped with its own Health Centre and a well-stocked pharmacy.  In addition to modern treatment rooms, 11 beds and a cosy tea kitchen are available for our students. Dr Irmgard Fortis and her team treat any injuries promptly and professionally, and ailments such as headaches, throat infections, stomach aches and fever are treated with great care. In cases of high fever and/or other more severe complaints students can be cared for 24-hours a day in the Medical Centre until they have fully recovered.


Dr Irmgard Fortis
+41 81 851 3019

School doctor

In the event of unclear symptoms, the Medical Centre can refer cases to Dr Franziska Barta and her team in Zuoz with their own laboratory and X-ray facilities. There is a 24hour emergency service, the hospital Oberengadin in Samedan is a 10-minute drive away from the school and the accident Clinic Gut is 20 minutes away. All these services together comprise the professional medical care available to our students.


Prevention and health education

Jointly with our in-house school psychologist, Dr Ladina Bezzola-Costa, and the Heads of Boarding Houses, Dr Irmgard Fortis puts special emphasis on the emotional development of the students and is always there to listen sympathetically and offer support. One-on-one consultations and workshops for boarding students are important factors in the holistic care provided for growing students, and personal problems are always taken seriously and properly addressed.


The pressure to perform day in, day out is growing steadily and not only on adults in the working world but also on young people at school. This results in a range of symptoms which can be linked directly to stress and can lead to illness.

Under the motto “Prevention is better than healing”, the school’s Medical Centre will be equipped with a room for relaxation and well-being from April 2018 and, in cooperation with Annigna Thöny (Kinemass) will be offering a programme of therapies, especially massage, foot-reflex-zone therapy and integrative kinesiology. Both students and staff will have the possibility on campus to benefit from the soothing effect of such methods.

Annigna Thöny will gladly answer any questions personally.