The pastoral team in Grosshaus strives to create an environment in which boys are thoroughly prepared not only for a successful higher education but also for a future as positive contributors to society. On a pastoral level, there is recognition of the forthcoming freedom that university will soon provide and as such the Grosshaus boys find themselves in a position of increased liberty with regard to their leisure time. That does not mean that they are not kept busy, however, regular participation in sport is strongly encouraged. A significant emphasis is placed on trust and mutual respect between the boarding house staff and the students. Moreover, there are various rewards and incentives in place for positive contributions to boarding-house life. That said, there are obviously clear rules which are strictly yet fairly enforced. Finally, the boys know that each member of the Grosshaus team appreciates that adolescence is sometimes also about learning from mistakes. 



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Grosshaus Team

Fabien Hanique, Head of Boarding House

VĂ©ronique Hanique

David Ardley

Mark Dobson

Peter Evans