Chesa Urezza

The Chesa Urezza, named after the valley next to the campus, is the boarding house for the senior girls (11th and 12th grade). During their two-year stay in Chesa Urezza the girls study towards their graduation diplomas. A team of three is responsible for the round-the-clock care of the girls in this newest and very comfortably furnished house. The goal is to help the young ladies attain independence, self-reliance and social skills. Boarding house staff are always ready to offer support, but also expect initiative from the girls as finally it is they themselves who have to make the effort needed to do well at school. Life in Chesa Urezza is viewed as a process of gaining maturity and as a continuous preparation for life after the Lyceum Alpinum.



T +41 81 851 3080

Chesa Urezza Team

Marie-Louise, Head of Boarding House

Eva Birrer

Hannah Felce

Gabriela Fischer Clark

Aina Kelleher

Alexandra Petza