Fundación Real Madrid Clinic Football Camp

This year, Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz is partnering with Fundación Real Madrid Clinic, the official football training academy of Real Madrid, to create the performance highlight reel of the summer. The 2020 residential programme is all about fun daily activities on campus facilities for children and youngsters, learning the beautiful game from the world’s best coaches from Spain, developing real team values, and training like the stars. For all participants, Zuoz will be the place for a champions league-style summer camp experience. Summer – and football! – will be taken to a whole new level. As part of the summer camp activities, boys and girls can sign up for this super sports event to experience first-hand what it’s like to train with the international Real Madrid FC training academy, one of the foremost football schools in the world.

REAL – the Best Club in the World

Real Madrid is the Spanish League title holder and current UEFA Champions League winner. No matter what language you speak, it is easily one of the most popular and successful football clubs in the world. And this summer, the Fundación is bringing the official sports and performance philosophy of the team’s youth academy programme directly from Spain to Zuoz.

Anyone who loves Spanish football should consider signing up for this amazing experience, as spaces are limited. There are many football schools, but only one Fundación Real Madrid Clinic. So grab your football shoes, register and get ready to enjoy some next-level performance coaching.
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Every day during the two-week residential camp session on campus facilities, the Fundación Real Madrid trainers will host approximately 13 training sessions for junior players of every level, in accordance with the high standards of their international youth academy and camps model. The highly-trained international professional coaches, with years of experience, will take all of the students, both boys and girls, through their state-of-the-art, technical training sessions on the pitch. All participants will develop new skills, hone existing talents, learn real team values, and get to know the exclusive Spanish training school innovations like Exerlights, BePro, Tracktics and the Smartball. Here are a few of the skills and activities that players will practise every day as a group during camp dates:

  • Headers and shooting on goal
  • Passing - 1st touch
  • Dribbling and trick
  • Game form technical training
  • Cognitive training to improve speed of action
  • Goalkeeper training
  • Measuring shot strength and spin
  • Learning the key formations of modern football
  • Individual tactics and team play
  • Coordination skills and drills
  • Tournaments with a roster of junior players
  • Small competition drills to improve basic fitness and position skills
  • Having fun, enjoying the game and much more

Football Is More Than a Sport, It’s a Way of Life

As the world’s most popular international team sport, football offers some valuable lessons about life. More than just dribbling, passing, scoring and playing in 4v4 friendly matches, football teaches spirit, inner strength, self-reliance, and perseverance. Furthermore, football camps are all about being part of a team. Young boys and girls, coming together and being part of something greater is perhaps the game’s most lasting lesson. One that transcends different languages and backgrounds long after the academy is over and the stadium is empty. That’s why the international summer camp coaches are dedicated to the idea that football helps all participants build respect for others as they build respect for themselves. 

The Fundación runs high-quality camps for boys and girls all over the world. The Real Madrid academy trainers have all had years of extraordinary expertise within the fields of football, enabling them to establish trust with the children and juniors quickly. The coaches are very familiar with training young students and making them into better players and team members. They are excellent listeners and motivators and their training has a tried-and-tested approach to individual development. With just two weeks in this kind of learning environment on campus, young players can gain a new-found respect, learn to broaden their horizons and how to grow as a team within a short time. 

Summer 2020 – Fundación Real Madrid Clinic in Zuoz 

The 2020 Summer Camp dates are set, the Fundación from Spain is warming up and ready to go.  Sign up for the experience of a lifetime on campus. Register as soon as possible to secure a spot on the Real training academy team this year. For more information on registration, we are available by phone at +41 81 851 3028 or by email. 

The Fundación Real Madrid Clinic Training Plan

Here’s a brief overview of the potential daily training programme of activities for players at the Fundación Real Madrid Clinic this summer. Official Spanish academy-style training for boys and girls starts at 13:15 with a warm-up, followed by hour-long technical training sessions in various disciplines with coaches, including Smartball, shots on goal, pass triangle, shots on goal with passing game, 1v1 skill drills, corner kicks, mini-drills with Tracktics, and Mini Champions League. This intensive training plan for participants is not only about fitness, it’s also about fun. The programme is designed so that every participant will notice an increase in their physical and mental performance in just two weeks. And who knows? The team spirit that’s born in camps could lead to teammates becoming friends for life. Don’t sit on the bench – sign up now!

Learn More About the Fundación Football School

In short, the Fundación Real Madrid was founded in Spain in 1997 with the aim of sharing the social, cultural and sporting values of the Spanish club with the wider world, in every language. In addition, the Fundación generates its revenue from social contributions, like donations and sponsorships, and through its own worldwide projects and camps, such as the Real Madrid Campus Experience and the Fundación Real Madrid Clinics, the professional football schools. And this summer, everybody can benefit from this wealth of coaching knowledge from Spain at the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz.

Reasons to Join This Summer’s Football Camp at the Lyceum:

✔ Professional training and licensed coaching staff

✔ Strengthen values and have fun while playing football

✔ Premium equipment and facilities

Football School Is Just the Start of Our Camp Experience

The residential summer camp doesn’t just offer boys and girls the best, top-class football programme experience from Spain. No, once again it’s a fun-filled holiday camp, where every day of every week is filled with hours of action-packed leisure activities, a variety of sports and language courses, plenty of cultural diversity, unforgettable excursions, and memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re into professional football training or professional theater training, advanced robotics or golf, cricket, sailing and rafting, the sheer number of activity choices just might make the summer of 2020 the best summer ever. A club membership is not necessary. Anyone who loves football, sports, or having the time of their life, can participate in the camps. So check the dates and sign up now. For more information and to register for the camps click here: