Shakespeare Company

Passion for the theatre is the driving force behind the Shakespeare Company, the Lyceum Alpinum’s theatre group, which focuses on the work of William Shakespeare. Under the direction of Ivo Bärtsch the young actors learn to give their roles a voice, presence, emotion and depth - hard work, but an experience they will benefit from all their lives. Ivo Bärtsch has been appointed as successor to Giovanni Netzer who established and directed the company for ten years.

The Shakespeare Company at the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz staged its first production with "Macbeth" in 2006 and in doing so established its own new unmistakable theatrical style by interpreting and re-inventing the works of the greatest dramatist of all time. It draws on a range of dramatic possibilities such as movement, language, song and, one day perhaps, even dance. However, one thing remains clear: Shakespeare is not an easy dramatist. But intense work with the text, sophisticated dramaturgy and a new interpretation of old material combine to give the performers an insight into the process of staging a production. And it goes almost without saying that Shakespeare fits ideally with the English traditions of the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz.