In addition to being a resident of a boarding house, students also become members of one of the three Houses - Helvetia, Teutonia or Orania - for the duration of their time at the Lyceum. They represent their house in all the house matches and in wider school events. The Games Master, in collaboration with the Heads of each Boarding House, assigns each new student to one of the three houses when they enter the school. If previous family connections are evident with one particular house, these are always respected when students are assigned.

House matches

House matches are organised within the boarding houses by boarding house staff in conjunction with House captains, who are elected by their peers on a yearly basis. These are normally in the evenings after study periods but also take place on specific Community weekends throughout the year.

For whole school events such as the prestigious Sports Day, Winter Sports Day, Cricket house matches and the Crosslauf, ten points are awarded for first place, eight for second place and six for third place. For competitions within one of the five boarding houses such as inter-house Football, Fives, Basketball, Volleyball, Ice Hockey and many more, three, two and one point are awarded following the same results. House points are also available at certain quiz nights and indeed for library statistics throughout the year. It pays to get resources back on time!


The Games Master is responsible for collating all the House points from each activity and boarding house throughout the year. The House with the highest points total at the end of the school year is declared the Champion by the Games Master in the final Assembly of the school year.