Colours Awards

Colours are awarded at Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz at the Graduation ceremony for those graduates who have contributed above and beyond the expected during their life in Zuoz. Colours are an award for exceptional attitude, effort and achievement at the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz. The award-winning students live and breathe the Spirit of Zuoz and honour the school’s core values in a remarkable way.

The Committee

The Colours Committee, that decides on the final recipients, is made up of the Head of School, the Heads of both Grosshaus and Chesa Arpiglia, the Games Master, a member of the teaching staff, a representative from the Zuoz Club and the incoming School Captain and Vice-Captain for the following school year.

House Colours

House Colours (Helvetia, Teutonia and Orania) are awarded to those students who have made a difference within their boarding houses, contributing to the social fabric, providing leadership on and off the sports field and upholding the Spirit of Zuoz in a kind and considerate way within the boarding house.

Triple, School and Corinthian Colours

Triple Colours are awarded to students who have occupied significant leadership roles within at least three school sports teams during their time in Zuoz. 

School Colours are awarded rarely. This is the ultimate commendation for an outgoing student, a recognition of the embodiment of the Spirit of Zuoz and of a true all-rounder. All areas of school life - academics, sports, the arts and community spirit - are taken into account when this most prestigious award is handed out.

Of note is the Corinthian Colour, which is awarded for services to Cricket at Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz.