Corps of Volunteers

"Working alongside members of underprivileged communities, raising awareness of the burden of poverty and taking our share in building up the global village".

The benefit of the projects organized and carried out by the Corps of Volunteers is beyond question and multifaceted. Their effects are felt by the students who participate and by the community or region that we support with our work: while working on these projects students develop and confirm their social competence. Aid projects for the benefit of underprivileged groups raise students’ awareness of their own social and financial privileges.

Learning for Life

By gaining a profound insight into a foreign country and its culture, students expand their geographical knowledge. They acquire manual skills, learn to extend their own limits and become aware of the fact that they are able to perform well even in adverse circumstances. We are convinced that these are important values, especially in our time where it has been stated time and again that mutual understanding, tolerance and the well-being of all members of the population are paramount to inner security.

Due to the impressive commitment of the project teams, the keen perception of all participants and their efficiency in meeting the set targets, the Corps of Volunteers has been faced with tasks of an ever more complex nature and has proved itself up to the task.