Clubs & Societies

Learning at the Lyceum Alpinum does not end after the last lesson of the day.

The School now boasts a small but growing number of stimulating and energetic clubs and societies which aim to engage our day and boarding students alike and to give them the opportunity to pursue existing or new intellectual interests, make friends, hone their leadership skills, and keep the "Spirit of Zuoz" alive.

Whilst a member of staff acts as mentor for each activity, the idea is very much to allow students to generate the ideas and drive to make their club or society a success. 

The Lyceum Alpinum’s co-curricular provision is constantly evolving: whilst some clubs and societies thrive and grow, others dissolve. We do not consider this a weakness but a strength of our programme since it reflects the changing interests of our students.

We welcome and encourage every student’s involvement in:

  • Arts, Photography & Film Society
  • Chess Club
  • Creative Writing Club
  • Debate Society
  • Literary Society
  • Mathematics Club
  • Music Band Club
  • Philosophy Club (in German)
  • Psychology Club
  • Science Club