Creativity, Activity and Service Programme (CAS)

The CAS Programme (Creativity-Activity-Service) is a core component of the IB Diploma Curriculum. Its goal is to involve students in real-world, purposeful activities that provide personal challenges and opportunities for critical self-reflection on their personal learning.

Aims / Learning Outcomes of CAS

To promote the personal development of students with regards to:

  • becoming reflective thinkers and increasing their awareness of their own strengths and areas for growth.
  • accepting new challenges and roles for themselves.
  • planning and initiating activities in their various communities.
  • working collaboratively with others.
  • showing perseverance and commitment.
  • engaging in issues of global importance.
  • considering the ethical implications of their actions.
  • developing new skills.

CAS Programme Evaluation

A main aspect of the CAS Programme is for students to become independent and responsible, to plan and initiate their own activities, and to keep records of the process which they go through. The CAS students use reflection at all stages of their activities: setting goals and objectives at the beginning of an activity, reviewing these goals and their progress during the activity and a final summative reflection at the end of the activity. Throughout the two years that students are engaged on their CAS Programme they must demonstrate weekly commitment to their activities and reflection.

Requirements of the CAS Programme

Please follow the link below to a detailed description of the requirements of the CAS programme.

tl_files/lyceum/upload/pdf-icon.png Requirements of the CAS Programme