Learning Support Centre

Study coaching

Not always is it lack of talent or application which is the root of unsatisfactory academic performance. Frequently, it is the absence of effective learning and study strategies or there are difficulties with concentration or perception. In such cases a programme of targeted study coaching is recommended with a focus on addressing individual weaknesses.

Private lessons / remedial courses

For students with gaps in their knowledge or difficulties in a certain subject we can organize private lessons or remedial courses with a qualified teacher.

Special needs

Students can be said to have special needs if they have to cope with a partial learning difficulty such as dyslexia or dyscalculia or if they are diagnosed with ADHS or ADS. Compared with their peers, these students have difficulty in fulfilling the set academic and educational goals and have to receive individual support.

Gifted and talented students

At our school students with special gifts and talents can benefit from additional measures to develop their skills. They choose a focus of interest and work independently or in study groups on challenging projects with the support of a teacher.


Dr Ladina Costa-Bezzola
Learning Support Coordinator

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