The Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz is one of the leading international boarding schools in Europe. Our graduates study at leading universities throughout the world. They assume responsibility for themselves and their fellow human beings and contribute to successfully shaping the future. As an ideologically independent school, we are guided by the values of individual creative endeavour, integrity and reliability as well as life-long friendship.

Mission Statement

We provide our students with an education which promotes intellectual, physical and emotional balance. We work to create a thriving, international school community where young people from the Engadin and around the world can build the foundations for fulfilling and successful lives. Inspired by the traditions of "The Spirit of Zuoz", our students forge bonds of friendship which last a lifetime and they develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed as global citizens.

Philosophy and Objectives

The Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz combines both respect for tradition and innovativeness. The "Spirit of Zuoz" is driven by five key concepts, which also define the academic and pastoral aims of education at the school: Learning for Life, Self-Discipline, Commitment, Fair Play and Cosmopolitanism.

Learning for Life

Learning at our school is inspired by critical thinking, creativity and the determination of students to give their best. Teachers help their students to acquire the ability to challenge the ideas of others and build their personal opinion about different topics. Our students are motivated by a lifelong will to learn and to work tirelessly on their way to success.


Our students identify and develop their personal strengths and learn to realize and balance their weaknesses through determination and effort. They gain the competence to appraise their own achievements in a spirit of healthy self-confidence but also of self-criticism, and to work towards achieving their goals. They develop into independent, balanced personalities, who radiate a love of life and whose actions are governed by a sense of responsibility.


At our international boarding school openness and honesty are the cornerstones for academic education, character development and community life. We are prepared to work hard and to demand the best from ourselves and others, to lead our lives according to mutually-binding values with a sense of commitment and enthusiasm. We all strive to achieve the same goal, namely, a successful graduation. We all share in the responsibility for creating a positive and productive life for all members of our school community.

Fair Play

As in sports, school and boarding house life provides the opportunity not just for outstanding individual performance but promotes a sense of team spirit. Loyalty and tolerance towards others constitute vital components of our daily lives.

Our students learn to stand up for themselves and at the same time to argue respectfully for their viewpoint. This strengthens the bonds within our school community and fosters life-long friendships.


Our school unites regional roots with internationality and worldwide open-mindedness. It brings together a host of different nationalities, cultures and value systems. This way of life demands from all members of our school community a high degree of respect, tolerance and cultural understanding.

Our students should therefore grow up to become cosmopolitan, responsible citizens of the world.