Academic Tutorial Programme

Every IB student at the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz has an Academic Tutor who is responsible for closely and regularly monitoring his or her academic performance and progress.

Individual support

Tutors and tutees meet fortnightly to plan the weeks ahead and reflect on academic achievements and issues arising from the previous weeks. Through discussion with and guidance from their Tutors, students receive all the individual support they need to define their academic goals. What is more, they are given a clear understanding of the School’s expectations and rules. This applies, in particular, to new students, who receive additional guidance and support during the settling-in phase.

Contact for the parents

Tutors have access to all the relevant information on their tutees’ grades. Upon request, they receive additional feedback from individual subject teachers and heads of boarding houses. In addition, they have details of important coursework deadlines or of other commitments.

The Academic Tutor provides an additional link in the web of communication between students, subject teachers, parents, and school management. Parents are invited to contact their son’s or daughter's Tutor by email, should they wish to raise any particular issues or concerns.

For further information please contact

Marie-Louise Brown, Head of International Department