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Melden Sie Ihr Kind online an oder kontaktieren Sie Frau Tiziana Tuena direkt:
T +41 81 851 3028

1. Your child’s personal details


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2. Course you wish to register for

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3. Authorization for referring students to medical care/processing of health data

We ask you to fully complete this Health Questionnaire. The information will enable us to care for your child in all situations, including illness. All information will be treated in confidence.

Has your child ever suffered from any serious medical condition or allergies?*

Is your child undergoing a course of medical treatment/on permanent medication?*

Is your child allergic to any medication or to any anaesthetics*

Will your child bring any medicines to the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz?*

Does your child suffer from any physical conditions (e.g. diabetes, asthma, etc.)?*

Does your child suffer from any mental conditions (e.g. depression, ADHD, etc.)?*

Does your child have any food intolerances or food allergies?*

Water sports:*

4. Pick-up service for Winter Camp

Zuoz is a 3-hour-drive from Zurich International Airport.

Would you like your child to be picked up and accompanied from and to Zurich Airport?

If yes:

Trips to be booked

5. Payment

Upon registration, the confirmation and an invoice will be sent by our administration office. The amount stated must be settled within the stipulated period. Admission is completed upon receipt of payment.

6. Conditions

The Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz reserves the right to send any participant home at their own expense, who through unacceptable behaviour deliberately causes disruption during the course of the Winter Camp. All participants are bound to comply with the rules and regulations of the school’s boarding house.

Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages are forbidden during the Winter Camp.

7. Cancellation fee insurance

For cancellation in the event of illness, or for other valid reasons, a written claim and a medical certificate are required. In order to obtain a full refund, cancellation insurance is strongly recommended.

Please review this document for details: Cancellation insurance programmes 2019-20.

8. Health and accident insurance

Parents/guardians are responsible for obtaining suitable health and accident insurance for the duration of the Winter Camp, including traveling from and to Zuoz.

9. More information

I wish to receive more information about the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz.

10. Consent for the use of photographs and film recordings

During the Winter Camp we will take pictures and film the activities with some of our participants. A selection of the pictures will be uploaded to our website (password protected) for parents to have an overview of the camp. The student and her/his parents give their consent to the processing by the Lyceum Alpinum of photographs, film and audio recordings on which they can clearly be identified, with or without details of first name and age. This consent is valid for the following purposes: classroom and individual tuition, exhibitions in the school, school film, school brochures, flyers, advertisements, student newspapers, the Zuoz Zeitung, school chronicle, publication on the website and on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The Lyceum Alpinum will not publish any further contact details relating to the visual material (address, telephone, fax or email).

Validity, retraction and objection: this declaration of consent ends automatically after the camp ends. It can be retracted at any time (without any reasons being cited). Both expiry and retraction apply only to future usage. Objection to any particular publication is possible at all times without the general consent being rendered ineffective. Retraction or objection can be submitted directly and informally to the Lyceum Alpinum.

As a parent or guardian I declare my agreement with the non-remunerated use of audio and photographic recordings of my child for the purposes described above. The Lyceum Alpinum will not process the audio and photographic recordings for any other purpose than the ones described or make them available to third parties for further use. I take note of the possibility of the photographs coming into the possession of others on publication on social networks (e.g. by sharing) without any involvement on the part of the Lyceum Alpinum. This consent is granted freely. No disadvantage will result from consent not being granted.*

11. Declaration

I/we (parent/parents) herewith authorize the Lyceum Alpinum to use my/our personal data (in particular contact information) for marketing /opinion survey purposes and for its own promotional and marketing purposes. I/we (parent/parents) furthermore authorize the Lyceum Alpinum to process special categories of personal data insofar as these data are necessary to fulfil the contracted services (e.g. the provision of a specific types of meal). Such data concern mainly health information. This authorization may be withdrawn at any moment by notification to the Lyceum Alpinum.

As parent/parents or guardian/guardians, I/we hereby declare that I/we accept the conditions of payment, as well as the school regulations and that I/we authorise the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz to look after my/our child's welfare while she/he is at the Winter Camp. This contract is subject to Swiss law. Place of jurisdiction is Zuoz, Switzerland.

Please add and give the total of 1 and 8.